After numerous wins in major singing competitions in China, Ella Chen has happily set up home in Singapore.

Gifted with a versatile voice that could reach wide musical tones, Ella began her singing career at a tender age of 17.

Before making her way to Singapore, Ella recorded and successfully launched a string of mandarin solo albums which includes 《媚影I》,《媚影II》,《媚影III》,《金耳朵I》,《金耳朵II》,《女人的情歌I,II,III》 in her homeland China.

Carrying on her success in china, Ella plunged into recording albums such as “Love – Grand Shanghai Favourites 2008”, a compilation album tailored specially for the Grand Shanghai Restaurant, Singapore.

She was a part of the album “High Society Oriental 2”, produced by music giant Universal Music Singapore . The album, released in 2006 with rave reviews is on sale exclusively at “That CD Store” even till today!

Besides being a multi award recipient, Ella also received numerous accolade for her natural voice talent with the most recent The Top 10 HIFI Golden Awards awarded in February 2010.

With the tributes and awards under her belt, Ella launched her own personal mini concert during the Esplanade presented program.

Television feature offers came calling and she was featured in the television programmes “Coffee Morning and Afternoon Tea” in 2007 and “Tribute to Zhou Xuan” in 2008 where she shared her outstanding voice with the television audiences.

All the past success and rave reviews has encouraged Ella to put into works future projects which include album recordings, television appearance and private mini concerts.

Awards and Experiences:

1. 北京中原杯KARAOKE 大赛 – 1st  Prize
2. 东芝北京青年杯KARAOKE 大赛 –2nd  Prize
3. 中国广播电声乐团担任独唱
4.  中国东方歌舞团独唱歌手
6.  新加坡国尊河畔大酒店内大上海歌手

CD (Solo) :

1.  媚影 I  – 邹铁夫制作,广东音像出版社出版
2.  媚影 II  -  邹铁夫制作,广东音像出版社出版
3.  媚影 III  -  邹铁夫制作,广东音像出版社出版
4.  金耳朵 I  -  邹铁夫制作,广东音像出版社出版
5.金耳朵 II  -  邹铁夫制作,广东音像出版社出版
6.  女人的情歌 I II III  -  邹铁夫制作,广东音像出版社出版
7.  最新的个人专辑将在2011年的2月初发行


1.  Love Grand Shanghai Favorites - Feb 18, 2008
2.  High Society Oriental 2 – Produced by Universal Music Singapore


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